Interesting places

A number of interesting sights are located on the territory of the village, including several cultural landmarks.kostel

The oldest cultural monument is the wooden church of the Ascension from 1739. It belongs to the most beautiful and best preserved wooden churches in Upper Silesia. Wall paintings with floral themes and stylished vases will catch everyone’s attention in the interior of the church. They were uncovered in 1990s of the 20th century. It was built on the site of the original wooden church consecrated to St. Nicholas. The first mention of this church is from 1360.

Other interesting sights include a stone cross with Calvary from 1858, a statue of St. John of Nepomuk from the end of the 18th century, a hunting Lodge with the park area from the first half of the 19th century, a cast-iron cross from 1832 and Chapel of St. John Nepomuk in Závada, whose construction was completed in 1862. In 2010, a monument of St. Wenceslas was declared a cultural monument which is located in the part Dolní Marklovice. The monument was solemnly unveiled on 28th October in 1930.

kreslena mapaAlso the nature offers a variety of interesting places. There are two protected areas, the natural monument Dolní Marklovice and the bird’s area Heřmanský stav Odra-Poolší. The natural monument Dolní Marklovice was declared in 2008, and stretches over 41.2 ha. This is system of ponds, reed beds and water-saturated forests with rich flora and fauna. The referred to territory was included between the so-called European significant locations in the context of the European network of protected areas NATURA 2000 for its natural significance.

Lazecká remíza is the rest of the riparain forest, building on the pond system in Karviná-Staré Město. Its age is around 180 years old and there are up to 200 years old oak trees. The riparian forest belongs to the most diverse species of ecosystems in the country.

The Petrůvka river forms the border between Petrovice u Karviné on the Czech side and Godów on the Polish side. Along the river there are different ecosystems located. A kingfisher, heavily endangered species, requires clay meanders of the river for its nesting. The otters and beavers are to been seen on the banks of the Petrůvka river. Types of soil insects dwell here that occur only in Scandinavia.

Visitors of the village can for their sports activities make use of an extensive network of Czech-Polish cycling trails that connect the tree border villages, i. e. the Polish municipalities of Godów and Zebrzydowice and on the Czech side just Petrovice u Karviné.


  • Church Nanebevstoupení Páně in Dolní Marklovice – it is beautiful wooden church built in 1739
  • Castle with park in Prstná from the 19th century
  • Stone cross Kalvárie near St. Martin Church  in Petrovice was built in 1858
  • Statue of St. Jan Nepomucký in Petrovice from the 18th century
  • Iron cross in Dolní Marklovice was built in 1832
  • St. Jan Nepomucký chapel in Závada from the 19th century
  • Memorial of St. Václav in Dolní Marklovice


  • Cross in Závada – the cross was created by sculptor MgA. Jakub Gajda in 2003. It is located on board of municipal road and private land. You can find it on street no. 141 or 143 in Závada
  • Cross in Závada, Závada-Hory, it was restored by Bogdan Najden a Cvetko Cvetkov in 1999. In 2003 was renewed ruined golden sign and completely fixed by MgA. Jakub Gajda. Its located on street no. 371 in ú. Závada
  • Chapel in Petrovice near RD no. 274, on the street no. 1765/1
  • Cross in Petrovice near RD no. 102
  • Cross between Urbanczyk’s ponds in Petrovice near old post office, across the bridge on the left no. 1553
  • Cross in Petrovice in front of block in Dolni Marklovice, opposite of RD no. 160, on the street no. 666 in Petrovice u Karviné
  • Chapel on the road in Dolní Marklovice near border crossing
  • Chapel in Dolní Marklovice by wooden church Nanebevstoupení Páně
  • Cross on the crossroad in Petrovice near RD no. 370
  • Chapel on the road in Prstna no. 164
  • Cross near supermarket in Prstná no. 606
  • “Dvojviadukt” in Petrovice was built over 100 years ago; it is 87 m long and made of 40 reinforced concrete columns.