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In the nineteenth century a number of spa resorts grew up in North Moravia and Silesia region. Many of these spas are still world-renowned centres for relaxation and regeneration.

Spa towns offer not only cures but often beautiful natural surroundings, peace and quiet.

Many visitors return to towns such as Lázně Jeseník, Darkov, Klimkovice, Dolní Lipová and Karlova Studánka year after year.

Darkov health resort


Darkov Health Resort is located in the northeast of the Czech Republic. It consists of two medical facilities: Darkov Sanatorium in Karviná-Lázně Darkov and Rehabilitation Sanatorium in Karviná-Hranice. Darkov Health Resort is a well-known medical facility which is popular for a high-level treatment based on extraordinary natural wealth of iodobromine brine which is rich in iodine, our professional staff, and the quality of extra services.

The Darkov Spa has its own natural healing source, mineral iodobromite water named “solanka”, which is combination with modern rehabilitation represents an excellent combination of effective treatment of the locomotor and nervous systems. Guests can come for relaxation stays and take advantage of the wellness centre equipped with pools, saunes and a popular cryotherapy chamber.

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