To truly get to know the region of North Moravia and Silesia in no easy task. The Ostrava region consists of its largest city and administrative centre, Ostrava.

We have such a rich and varied region that it would také a visitor many years to fully discover all it has to offer. There are many architectural sights, charming country byways, surprising natural features, magical glimpses of landscapes changing by the minute with the light, weather and seasons.

The visitor would need great stamina to experience all the sporting activities that the region offers, and even more stamina to taste all the local drinks and specialities of regional cooking in the many traditional restaurants.

The region is famous for its unique wooden folk architecture, hundreds of cultural and historical sights, national parks and untouched landscapes which offer an intriguing contrast with th proud industrial heritage of its cities.

In addition to modern sport facilities, music festivals large and small (the most famous Colours of Ostrava) and a richly international theatrical life, Noth Moravia and Silesia can boast a rapidly expanding infrastructure of modern hostels and cycle paths. So come with us and discover this unique, magical and unforgettable region.


gorolske centrum

The Moravian-Silesian region

moravskoslezsky region

Těšín Silesia Region

tesinske slezsko