Těšín Silesia Region

Těšínské Slezsko was a part of a historical land of Těšínsko, which was one of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown in Silesia. The historical land of Těšínsko was located on the territory of pressent-day Poland and Czech Republic. The Czech culture in this region has been influenced by the neighbouring nations: German, Polish and Slovak.

The tourist region of Těšín Silesia is located in the Moravian-Silesian Region (in the north-east of the Czech Republic). It corresponds to the historical Duchy of Těšín. There are many beautiful ancient sights. Some of them are real treasures, such as the historic town of Těšín. The southern part of Těšín Silesia is formed by Silesian and Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains which invite the visitors to spend time in their beautiful valleys and peaks practising all sorts of summer or winter activities. The famous spa of Karviná, the newly built golf courses of entertainment complexes for children are just examples of the wide range of opinions you have in this tourist region which you should not leave out from your itinerary. Tourists and visitors who prefer active leisure and sport will appreciate the Těšínské Beskydy mountains (Silesian Beskids). While those who fancy relaxation and comfort will aprpreciate the Darkov spa in the town Karviná. Both parts are connected not only by the river Olše-Olza, but also by unique folklore and especially the local dialect informally called “ponašymu” (which means “in our own language”).


To truly get to know the region of North Morava and Silesia is no easy task. We have such and varied region that it would take a visitor many years to fully discover all it has to offer.

There are many unique architectural sights, charming country byways, surprising natural features, local specialities of regional cooking, folk crafts and traditions…

In addition to modern sport facilities, music festivals, our region can boast a rapidly expanding infrastructure of modern hotels and cycle paths.

So come with us and discover this unique, magical and unforgettable region!

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