For families with children

There is probably no more symbolic place for the visit of Těšín Silesia than Trojmezí  – the place where the borders of the Czech Republic, the Polish Republic and the Slovak Republic meet.

You can try the bob ride or other azabavattractions in the nearby entertainment centre (Mosty u Jablunkova).


Hrčava is a very beautiful village with well-preserved folk architecture and wooden church. You can hike from the Hrčava to the peak of Gírová.

You can find the pool with a toboggan in Bohumín and the golf resort in Karviná or the encouter with dinosaurus in Doubrava.  

Children who like myths and legends are invited to visit the peak of the mythical mountain of Čantoryje with Rytířská path.

karvinaHike to the mountain of Prašivá – on the top is a beautiful wooden church and tourist hut with a mounted bear.

At the end you can also visit the centre of Karviná – it is beautiful square with the chateau and the park.

Mountain huts

One of the most attractive parts of Těšín Silesia is the Těšín Beskydy mountain range – a popular destination for holidays and day trips.

It is needless to emphasize the attractiveness od Těšín Silesia for hiking. The visitors can take the easier half-day long tracks or the more demanding several-day long mountain treks. There are more than 20 very beautiful mountain huts in on the hills with the beautiful views of the Slovak mountains and the Polish part.

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